eSIM RSP compliance

GCF offers a stand-alone certification process that enables manufacturers of consumer electronics to certify that the RSP functionality in consumer devices is compliant to GSMA requirements. 

RSP (Remote SIM Provisioning) is an important element of GSMA’s eSIM ecosystem.  The technology enables consumers to simply and securely download SIM profile information for an operator of their choice to their device.  When designed into a device, RSP can be used to provision e-UICC secure embedded SIM hardware (eSIM) or traditional removable SIM cards.

To encourage the adoption of RSP OEMs can access the new RSP compliance scheme without any GCF membership requirement. Non-member manufacturers can use this RSP Compliance website free-of-charge in 2018.  Non-member manufacturers can apply for a RSP Certifier user account  here.

Existing GCF Manufacturer Members can include RSP compliance as part of the standard GCF certification process for a device. Or if they want to certify a device for only RSP Compliance, they should log out of the main GCF website and accept the Terms & Conditions by applying here to register for a 'RSP Certifier' user account.

GCF Operator or Associate Operator members can access RSP Compliance declarations by logging out of the main GCF website and registering for a 'RSP Operator' account.  Non-member operators can apply for GCF operator membership here.

If you already have a GCF Member user account, then login via the GCF webpage and select <eSIM RSP> from the main menu.